Strategic Consultation

In the 21st century workplace, organizations must address their agenda systematically, strategically and creatively, while maintaining transparent and beneficial communications with their employees. Dr. Ravit Oren assists organizations and C-level professionals accordingly through short or long-term consulting projects tailored to organizational needs and goals.


Guiding Collective Labor Agreements

Labor disputes are the number one cause of burn-out in business performance. Conflicts arising from the threat of downtime and power struggles in unionized collective agreements may cause serious damage to organizational objectives, that can be prevented by correct planning and professional attention. Dr. Oren resolves relations between organizations and employees in existing or emerging unionized Labor agreements, creates an understanding between the parties and reinvests employees in the organization's goals. Her holistic process includes strategy setting in light of organizational goals, employee goals and labor laws. She handles negotiations, prepares parity committees with Labor Union representatives and determines remuneration and compensation models. She is an expert in resolving labor disputes and crises, along with implementing agreements correctly within organizations.

Strategic Consultation

Dr. Ravit Oren guides CEOs, senior management and HR VPs in organizational leadership processes aimed at increasing profitability through rewards, performance, management and retention of organizational talents. Her consultation process integrates artificial intelligence technologies in accordance with both managerial and organizational agenda. Consultation includes: setting goals, formulating and directing strategy, writing annual and multi-year work plans, constructing compensation and reward systems, internal organizational ethical codes, identifying needs and assessing human capital risks, analyzing financial statements, managing change, increased adherence to Labor laws and more.

Wage and Compensation Policies

Dr. Oren’s policy formulations include outlining organizational hierarchy, differential compensation, building career paths, writing business books, comparative market relative analysis of employee wages, creating and updating salary ranges, policies and more.

Building an Incentive Plan

Dr. Oren offers organizations a thorough analysis of existing models while defining incentive potential, and formulating custom-made methods for assessment, compensation, differential bonus programs, formulation of programs and recognition

Policy Creation for Communication and Assimilation

Dr. Oren’s Communication Policies include outlining correct communication of wages and remuneration policies, processes and plans and guiding corporate leaders towards transparent, collaborative and beneficial delivery procedures.

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